Thursday, August 20, 2009

Using Music on the Web

Although I was aware of copyright when it came ot print, I was not aware of just how far it stretched and what was actually covered and what wasn't. Throughout this course though I have become more aware of the implications of copyright and am now treading carefully when using images, symbols and audio in any public forum.

Fortunately there are tools out there in the world wide web that collate Royalty free images and music so we can still use these forms of media with in our learning design. Personally I love listening to music and really don't have many vices to any genre, I just find music to be soothing.

I have seen and heard music used in many ways within classrooms including; as background music to create a feeling of peace and calm, as revision of learning such as times table raps or Thrass raps, it can be used as a transitional tool (when you hear the music pack up and be ready to listen), music can be used as an engagement tool, it can be used for dramatical purposes. In fact the possible uses are endless, and I believe if you visit my class, when I get one, you will no doubt hear a tune of two coming from it everyday. As Marzano and Pickering (1997) suggest "when our attitudes and perceptions are positive, learning is enhanced" and I strongly believe that music is one way of supporting positive attitudes and perceptions.

Marzano, R. and Pickering, D. (1997), Dimensions of Learning; Teacher's Manual, Aurora, Colorado, McREL (Mid-continent Regional Educational Laboratory)

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  1. Hi Margaret,

    There are so many positive reasons to use music in the classroom. Music can raise energy levels, help sustain attention and motivate and inspire students. The ability to use royalty free music that will cater for our students needs is a fabulous tool, and will allow our budget to cater for other essential needs.

    I believe that my own classroom will be just like yours, in the way of always having a tune or two playing.

    Chat again soon,