Thursday, August 20, 2009


My initial reaction to this was, not another site that I have to sign up for, how long is this going to take? The process was actually relatively easy. I quickly uploaded my Powerpoint Slideshow and was able to view it. Then I read the next part of the instructions, “Select Embed in your Blog code” Oh no, now what, Why does mine say embedding disabled. Once again panic set in, How am I ever going to teach this, if I can’t do it? But I went back to edit slideshow and found a square I needed to tick to enable embedding.

As my presentation is quite lengthy and is aimed at Year 7 level, I have not added narration to it. The idea of adding narration though is very appealing as I am currently working on a Powerpoint slideshow for year 2’s and narration would no doubt reduce the need for explicit instruction during its use by individual students.

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