Monday, August 17, 2009

Online Quizzes

I have just created a quiz that I can use to assess my year 2 classes knowledge adn understanding of Earthworms, how and where they live. It is simply titled Earthworms. It is only my first attempt at writing one of these type quizzes for this year level so it no doubt has room for improvement.

This has been another interesting task, which took some time to work out, but as I have said before, I am a lifelong learner. The Queensland State Education in the 2010 statement () depicted the attributes of a lifelong learner as, " learning in formal and informal settings, problem solving and critical thinking." Thus I proclaim myself a lifelong learner, as I see learning how to use and attempting to become proficient in internet based tools as requiring plenty of problem solving and critical thinking skills.

In the process of opening an account with ClassMarker, designing my first online quiz and embedding it into this blog I utilized a variety of resources that I had at my disposal. Once I had registered (well even during this part) I flicked back to my Google RSS feeder where I viewed blog entries from those that I have been following. It was here that I found the confirmation I was seeking that a) I was not the only one having trouble with some of these sites and b)the steps that I was taking in ClassMarker were the same others had taken.
Queensland Government, (2000)Queensland State Education - 2010,Retrieved 17th August 2009 from,


  1. Hi Margaret,

    You were definately not the only one having trouble, and I am pleased to say that it is not only us digital immigrants having trouble either (kind of makes me feel better).

    Classmarker is a great tool for the classroom and I will be implementing this technology (not to mention other technologies) in the near future.


  2. Yes Kellie, after a day chatting face to face with our peers, I am now aware that many others have had difficulties regardless of their digital nationality.
    In regards to the use of these and other technologies in the classroom, I too am looking forward to implementing many of them. I feel this has only been a taste of what is out there or even the capacities of these tools. The future is looking very interesting, once we fight our way through the fog of initial difficulties.
    Thanks for commenting, Marg