Saturday, August 15, 2009

Power Point

Yippee, finally a tool that I know how to use. I have been using power point presentations in my lessons all along. I know what you are thinking, Power points have been used and abused for years. The thing is they are useful as a visual aid, they can be used as schematic organisers, visual cues, and prompts. They can also be manipulated to create Learning Objects which are interactive powerpoints where the learners choose their own path.

My most recent power point presentation is a learning object designed to assist my year 2 students to further develop their knowledge of Australian coins. It specifically focuses on the characteristics of the coins, to enable identification and comparisons of coins and their values. Learning Objects are a great tool for getting students involved in the learning, they problem solve through drawing on the information presented to answer the questions presented and for each response they receive immediate feedback. This type of learning is comparable to BF Skinner’s Operant Conditioning where reinforcement is the key element.

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  1. Completely agree Margaret. Im also a regular user of powerpoints in the classroom. It's amazing how something so simple can be so effective. I think powerpoints can be as boring or as interesting as the creator wants to make them and that the interactive powerpoints are a great way for keeping the students engaged. Your blogs are very informative keep them coming!!