Saturday, August 15, 2009


RSS, stands for really simple syndication, really simple for some maybe, but I am still having trouble finding my way around this and most of the other sites we are required to use. I have however learned that this tool assists me to view new posts from those sites that I have been following without having to go to each one, open them and view. The list of sites you subscribe to is up to date with new or unread messages in parenthesis next to the feeds title.

Once you click on the title of the one you wish to view the expanded articles appear in the main screen. As you scroll down these they are marked as read you can see this by the colour of the border around them it changes colour as you move to the nest entry.

You can receive latest entries from any site that has an RSS feeder symbol, just by clicking on the add subscription you can add new sites to your RSS reader. Once you have read through the entries you can share them with your friends and even add notes of your own.

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